HYS001 Kupper/Campbell Project "Never"
HYS002 Connie Harvey "Make Sweet Music"
HYS003 Siren "Break With You"
HYS004 Shawn Christopher "Sweet Freedom"
HYS005 Caravan feat. Arif St. Michael "The Promise"
HYS006 95 North + Big D "Think About....."
HYS007 The Rockmelons  "Love's Gonna Bring You Home"
HYS008 Groovelvet feat. Tafuri "Ever Since You..."
HYS009 Benji Candelario Feat. Arnold Jarvis "Learn To Give"
HYS010 Benji Candelario Feat. Arnold Jarvis "Learn To Give" pt II
HYS011 Eric Kupper "Havana"
HYS012 Butter Finger "Wanna Go Somewhere and Chill?..."
HYS013 Kenny Bobien "U Gave Me Love"
HYS014 Kim English "Been So Long"
HYS015 Bryan Bristol feat Lydia Rhodes "Dreams"
HYS016 Physics feat. Lulu "City Lights"


Hysteria Underground kicked into gear not long after the original label was initiated. With so much immidiate attention gained by the songs on the mother imprint, it has lay dormant since its first release "Hudson Street" in 1997. With more resources to handle production and releases, H U is back with the aim to take dance floors with an edgier, harder approach than its initial intention.

HUND001 Downtown "Hudson Street"
HUND002 Tedd Patterson "Magnifique"
HUND003 MIM Project "Where Are You Now"
HUND004 Rob Dior "Rock to the Beat"