Hysteria Records UK Welcomes You!

This website could not have come at a better time as our release schedule is brimming with activity, as is our associated parties, Chateau Noir NYC and Hed Kandi London (check the PARTIES page).

The Hysteria Blue Label releases for May thru July include the super excellent WAMDUE mixes of Kim English "Been So Long", Brian Bristol feat. Lydia Rhodes  "Dreams" including the Tedd Patterson remix and the Swedish deep house number "City Lights" by Physics.

Hysteria Underground will be thundering this summer with Mim "Where Are You Now?" Kupperís Club Mixes w. that awsome Harmonica Dub, Rob Dior's twisted cover of "Rock To The Beat" and The Christian Clark "Expressions in Time" 2 tracker. Thatís five big ones from the smooth to the outright nasty!

Stay tuned for the follow up to Tedd Patterson's "Magnifique" on Hysteria Underground!!